Monumental Differences - Lee vs. Grant vs. Jefferson vs. Lincoln

Events occurring and how they relate/affect Anabaptist faith and culture.
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Re: Monumental Differences - Lee vs. Grant vs. Jefferson vs. Lincoln

Postby Bootstrap » Wed Aug 23, 2017 3:02 pm

PeterG wrote:+1 for the dental foot engine monument!

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Is it biblical? Is it Christlike? Is it loving? Is it true? How can I find out?

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Re: Monumental Differences - Lee vs. Grant vs. Jefferson vs. Lincoln

Postby PeterG » Wed Aug 23, 2017 3:10 pm

Now imagine that in marble, 3x life size...

Or carved into the side of a mountain, Rushmore-style...
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Re: Monumental Differences - Lee vs. Grant vs. Jefferson vs. Lincoln

Postby temporal1 » Wed Aug 23, 2017 5:55 pm

ken_sylvania wrote:
temporal1 wrote:coincidentally, i just stumbled across this quote, it was stand-alone, no context or date .. but, it reminded me a bit more of the response to obama's exploitation of the Dylann Roof tragedy .. which, i believe Trump is referring to here:
Nikki Haley was the first recent person to accept the unacceptable action of the left, and remove a symbol.

Now she herself can be pointed to as the reason for the left thinking their actions will get results...BECAUSE THEY DO!

And you see now, why I think her appointment to the u.n is a disgusting betrayal.
Donald J. Trump
boot, you are very good at locating quotes made by liberal RNC reps, then using them as examples of what all conservatives believe+want, when, in fact, they are highly criticized within the group.

FWIW, this is not a quote from Donald J. Trump. John Greenwood posted this on Facebook yesterday. I would not want to be associated with John Greenwood.
ok. thanks.
i have no idea who john greenwood is. as you can see, the quote was attributed to Trump, as i said wrote above, i had no other context or date for it.
but it did remind me of how things unfolded just then - a knee-jerk response to the Dylann Roof tragedy, led by obama. i don't believe that's in question. i continue to believe obama exploited the situation to use the office of POTUS as a bully pulpit .. the chaotic results continue to unfold.

i have not followed N Haley closely in her U.N. work, fwiw, my-impression-is, she is doing a fine job .. the U.N. being a problem, of its own.
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