Marching in lockstep

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Marching in lockstep

Postby Bootstrap » Thu Aug 17, 2017 12:47 pm

Robert wrote:I actually am glad that all the Republicans are not in lock step and owned by Trump like the Democrats were with Obama. It is good to see that there are free thinkers and some who will stand on principal, even if i disagree with them, I respect the fact they speak up.

I'm glad that Republicans are standing up to Donald Trump on the Russian investigation, racism, and other issues like that. It's important. But even Republicans who speak up on these issues usually vote in lockstep.

I think both parties are marching in lockstep. Here are three graphs that illustrate that.

The problem with that?

The researchers also found -- unsurprisingly -- that partisanship correlates with failure to introduce and pass legislation.

Back in 1949, both parties worked together. Now politicians are blamed by their partisan base if they vote against the party line. Thinking for yourself is discouraged. And you can hear that in the language politicians use - instead of trying to understand a problem, consider solutions, decide what is likely to work, and implement it, they use the language of war, trying to win victories over the other party.

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