Please have a listen-Radical Islam-

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Please have a listen-Radical Islam-

Postby Valerie » Wed Feb 15, 2017 6:45 am

Last night I listened to this 'warning' to American Christianity- it made me mindful of a message by Denny Kenaston several years ago about 'waking the sleeping giant' of Christianity-

This man had been a Coptic Christian turn evangelical and he has, to me, a very important message for Christians- try to look past the thought that he is an 'evangelical' and see what you think about his attempt to wake us up- and why we are seeing radical Islam, the affects it has had on Europe, and now coming to America- (we always seem right behind Europe)- he shares how many people are blind to what's happening- ... around-us/

He says he gets 'death threats' (reminding me of OT prophets) as he pleads with God's people about taking this threat seriously- we need to repent of so much- but what all?

He has written the book "The Barbarians Are Here" due to be released March 7
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Re: Please have a listen-Radical Islam-

Postby KingdomBuilder » Wed Feb 15, 2017 10:49 pm

Could you paraphrase the main points/ concerns?

He says he gets 'death threats' (reminding me of OT prophets)

Well... Joseph Smith got death threats, too... :?
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Re: Please have a listen-Radical Islam-

Postby Bootstrap » Wed Feb 15, 2017 11:03 pm

I spent a little time reading and listening to things the author in the OP said. Like this:

But Youssef is careful to note that most Muslims are not radical. In 2013, in Youssef’s native Egypt, “Muslims threw off the yoke of political Islamism and provided a historic proof that there are truly moderate Muslims and that extremists are probably no more than 20 percent or so of the Muslim world.” But a May 2014 Pew poll showing 13 percent support for Al-Qaeda across 11 Muslim countries approximated 208 million Muslims, a not-so-small number that Youssef says worried him. He also wonders why Muslim moderates who “interpret the Quran according to their own conscience often do not speak out against the excesses of the fundamentalists who do not hesitate to respond with force and cruelty.”

Notwithstanding Islam’s “false worldview,” Youssef says that he has “genuine affectation and appreciation for Muslim people,” among which he has “many dear friends and acquaintances.” “My heart aches for the Muslim,” he writes, adding that the “Christian concept of salvation for sinners is completely unknown in Islam.” On this earth, Muslims can never know if they have done enough to earn Allah’s favor. “Islam is surrender without any guarantee of peace.”

Ultimately Youssef recognizes that this struggle is not just a material one — it’s ideological. “No matter how many terrorists you kill, there are always more lining up to take their place in the name of entrenched Islamic doctrines,” he concludes, emphasizing the need for a war of ideas. “Though the War on Terror is critically important in restraining the jihadist onslaught, war alone is not the answer. We must also fight for the hearts and minds of those who would do us harm.”

I agree with Flemming Rose that it's important to distinguish Islam from extremist Islam - if only because it's essential if we want to beat the extremists:

Yes, we are in a hot war with violent Islamists and in a cold war with nonviolent Islamists who want to undermine secular democracy. But we are not at war with Islam. The Cold War was fought on many fronts, but basically it was a battle of ideas in which Marxists of a social democratic mold played a crucial role defending democracy against totalitarian Soviet Marxism-Leninism. It’s important to provide the same space for Muslims on the side of democracy to engage in the battle against Islamism. That seems impossible if we insist on being at war with Islam.
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