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Re: Christian Anarchism

Postby temporal1 » Thu Jan 11, 2018 1:11 pm

RZehr wrote:
Chris wrote: As Christians, we really don't need a government. We could thrive in honesty and love with each other.
Let’s take baby steps.
I suggest that we learn how to thrive in honesty and love with each other in our own families.
Then local churches, who we have the most in common.
After we perfect that, then expand to include other churches.
Then after we show it possible to live and work in peace, we can try the next step.
it’s interesting that scriptures do not suggest Christians live without earthly government.

beyond that (it seems to me) :? .. headship order, families, churches, are all some version of organized governing/government (?) .. certainly, “politics” comes into play where we don’t want to admit it or want to think about it. church politics is a fact of life.

so, based on my understanding of scriptures, governments on earth are inevitable, even necessary. if not, scriptures could have easily instructed to overthrow governments. but that’s not the message.

neither is the message that we are to seek after government for life’s answers, government is not God. imho, there’s much struggling with that distinction these days, not only within individuals, but in many churches! i fear it’s become quite common for many pastors to inadvertently lead their flocks to government! - not God. i will not say this is intended. i believe it to be a massive error.

MLK Jr’s birthday is coming up. for all the good he did, if he were alive today, i believe he would rethink his path. i do not believe he intended to lead astray! but, i think he significantly opened doors that others have exploited ever since. i.e., seeking after government for answers that should be brought to God.

lots of folks “enjoy” lucrative careers on this faulty premise. they will not readily let any of that go. money+power are great deceivers.

my 2 cents. :)
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