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Prayer Requests & Personal Testimonies

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Re: Poll: Prayer Requests & Personal Testimonies

Postby Valerie » Sat Nov 04, 2017 6:33 am

temporal1 wrote:
temporal1 wrote:i presume many are attending to this sad incident in Michigan.
Amish buggy hit by pickup truck, 3 fatalities, 6 critically injured
http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/10/29/mi ... riage.html

prayers for all impacted. :(
as i drive along, i think of these folks. most roads i drive on look just like this one, with farm equipment “always possible,” along the way. i don’t see buggies, but, can easily imagine them everywhere. one hazard i so dislike is sun in my eyes, sometimes blinding. i wonder if this was a factor. it was morning, they were all traveling east.

http://amishamerica.com/three-children- ... ggy-crash/

continuing prayers.

Unfortunately we read about buggy accidents too often- we frequently encounter buggies and there HAS been accidents where sun is a factor in blinding the drivers- the roads twist & turn, hilly, etc- far too many buggy accidents & I have read our papers say they have increased since cell phones-

Also, the young Amish have these pony carts- I am not for those being on the same roads, that big diesel trucks use- it seems far too risky, and I am surprised their parents allow this- I realize they learn very young to handle ponies & horses but they are not easily seen and it's just such a danger-
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Re: Poll: Prayer Requests & Personal Testimonies

Postby MaxPC » Sat Nov 04, 2017 8:55 am

temporal1 wrote:
Wade wrote:When one works strange's shifts, long hours, tries to fix up an old house, has broken down vehicles, cares for a large family, scoops squirrels out of the well..., has to counteract ideas the children are learning at church, budget isn't happening, lacks sleep, and etc. physically the body starts to be run down...

People are starting to ask where my vibrancy went...
I'm tired...
for self-preservation, somehow, you must learn to pace yourself. in every way, including spiritually. there is a way. God promises He will provide a way. He does.

in our busiest times, days were l-o-n-g, and demanding. 7 days weekly. i woke before everyone, each morning i prayed for strength and guidance to meet THAT DAY. that ONE day. one day at a time.
like you, i believe, it was a labor of love .. that’s a tremendous gift and motivation to do it. with God’s help, to manage to do it. how do people manage without faith? it’s a wonder to me.

“Half an hour's prayer each day is essential, except when you are busy.
Then a full hour is needed.”
Saint Francis de Sales

i did not read this until years after our busiest years. but, just the same, it resonated.

Wade, Temp said it well. Like the well, the vehicles are also essential: transportation is a must. One task at a time is a good way to pace it. Screen out the well with a hardware cloth wire mesh, you need fresh water - have the oldest help you so they can help in the future (if it doesn't pose a safety problem.)

In those difficult periods of my life, half an hour with the Lord in prayer in the morning and again before bedtime got me through it. Sometimes the children prayed with me if they weren't in bed. The power of that role modeling cannot be underestimated.

Allow me to add that eating with the family is a good plan for letting the children talk so you can track what they hear. If you can manage that I highly recommend it. It was also a time for me to rally the family to help me out. My wife helped track what the children hear and did interventions.

You will get through this and it will teach you resiliency, steadfast perseverance and to greatly trust in God. It sounds like you have caring people at church and work. Perhaps you can ask for help with the vehicles. Surely some one knows something about cars?

Keeping you all in prayer, Wade. :pray
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