Comprehensive List of Churches/History

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Comprehensive List of Churches/History

Postby YorkandAdams » Fri Jun 16, 2017 10:04 pm

Hello Everyone,

As I mentioned in my intro post, I am fairly new to the conservative mennonite sphere and am trying to gather as much info as possible specifically on conservative churches in my area. My local congregation has been extremely helpful providing detailed information, but I would like to know what is actually documented so that I am not doing work that has already been done. So far I have used pilgrim and G.A.M.E.O. in order to locate, study, and update information for the churches in my area, but I keep hearing there are larger databases that might be available. CLP and Cory Anderson's are the other ones I have heard mentioned. Could someone maybe fill me in on what these databases have that pilgrim or G.A.M.E.O. does not? Any single database more comprehensive than the others?

Or maybe the best question to ask is....
What resources do we currently have that can be used to identify and profile conservative mennonite churches?

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Re: Comprehensive List of Churches/History

Postby Josh » Fri Jun 16, 2017 10:50 pm

Cory's database is the most complete but is a few years out of date. Myself and ernie have fairly complete databases for our areas. There are a few people who would have a great deal more information on specific subgroups, eg Mark Fitzgerald would know a lot about Brethren, Mark Earnest Burr seems to know every detail about Anabaptist groups in Ontario, and so forth.
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